Guilt Free Creating

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Hello Book lovers,

I know some of you are not only lovers of reading, but also lovers of writing. In the last few months I have decided to start something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, write a book of short stories. I am currently working on the first draft for my first short story and have been pondering the question, “how do you balance writing and reading?” I believe both are equally important to be a good writer. Read everything and make time to write, but how do you find that balance in your everyday life? For me it looks different everyday, there are many factors that determine my balance. But overall it’s just fitting in what I can into that day, going with what I feel like doing and leaving the guilt out of it. If I have the day off and I want to read all day, I read as much as my day allows me to. Other days I have no time to do either, but I’ll write a sentence or paragraph before I enter the land of ZZZZZZZzzzzz’s and I read a few pages or a chapter before I cannot keep my eyes open anymore. There are other days I have an idea for my story so I spend time creating for hours. Other days, I need a break from everything and I do other things that I love and I might think about what I have currently written. Sometimes, when I’m outside in nature, away from books and my computer, that’s when I come up with the most ideas for my stories.

The most important thing I have been trying to practice lately is guilt free creating. I believe being a writer, at least for me, is a lifestyle and there is a balance. There is no need to always be typing at the computer or tucked away in a book. However, it is a lovely place to be with balance. I don’t feel guilty when I don’t feel like writing or reading and all I want to do is go for a walk with my pup or spend time with my husband. I don’t feel guilty when I just want to watch a movie or take my mind off my writing. I write because it’s what makes me feel alive, I will always write, no matter where life takes me.  So, why allow guilt into one of the places where I’m at my happiest?  However, there are times when I don’t want to write, but I make myself write, simply because if I always went on feelings I would never accomplish any of my dreams, since writing isn’t always rainbows and cotton candy. When it comes to creating something you love, it takes balance.


Crystal Lynn



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