End of Summer Reads

Hello Book lovers,

I am alive! I, however, have been sucked into the black hole I like to call University.  But don’t fret, I have been reading and my heart has been happy.


Cinder by Melissa Meyer

Genre: YA, Sci-Fi Dystopian.

Last Christmas break I started Cinder by Melissa Meyer. I was quite close to the end, when I needed to bring it back to the library and then school started and the rest is history, but I have been wanting to finish it. I picked it back up recently and finished it.

Cinder isn’t just your average re-telling of Cinderella, she’s a cyborg. When a mass virus hits the land and her step mother gets in her way will she be able to stop the virus and still go to the ball? I enjoyed this book, but I’m afraid to say I didn’t love it. Now I did pick it up from where I left off, so I wasn’t 100 percent invested, but overall I enjoyed it.I gave this book a three out of five stars on Goodreads and a three out of five simplybook love stars.


Greenglass house by Kate Milford

Genre: Middle grade, Mystery

Greenglass house is a home away from home for smugglers and Milo Pine and his parents run the old Inn. Milo is excited to spend a relaxing Christmas vacation with his parents, until unexpected visitors show up and things begin to go missing. I gave this book a four out of five stars on Goodreads and a three out of five simplybooklove stars. I thought this was an overall cute read, but wasn’t a fan of how it ended.

My current reads are:

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell 


Hollow Earth by John Barrowman and Carole E.Barrowman


That is all for now, happy Thursday!

Until Next Time,



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