Sylvia Plath and Sunshine

Hello Book Lovers,

I love this time of the year, when the sun appears in the midwest and the temperature is no longer below freezing. The other day at work I spent one of my breaks, sitting outside under the warm sun, mesmerized by the pages I read by Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. Her whit and mind pleasing sentences bled off the pages. I am only a few chapters in and I am not disappointed. (More on that later.)


I recently finished Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. This book is a must read for those who are interested in creative writing. I cannot stress the must read part enough! I gave this book five stars.This book fed my writer’s soul and afterwards I felt refreshed and motivated to continue my writing projects. Anne Lamott talks about everything from starting your story to publishing it. She talks about her challenges and successes as a writer and reminds the weary writer, why we must keep on writing. This book has been recommended to me a few times and after reading it, I’m so glad I picked it up.


I am still currently reading Paper Towns by John Green, I find myself enjoying the characters and how he paints each one of them. That’s all for now.

Until Next Time,



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