Current May Reads

Hello Book Lovers,

I have been slacking on my reading updates, but I have found great success in finding time for reading.

I currently finished Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell.


I gave this book three out of five stars. I love how Rainbow Rowell develops her characters and I had no challenge turning the pages. This story is a coming of age story that follows a newly college freshmen, cath. Cath is a writer of fanfiction and new to the world of college. You not only get to explore cath’s world, but you see glimpses of the world of cath’s fanfiction. I found myself interested in cath’s world and less interested in the fanfiction world. I struggled with keeping characters straight within the fanfiction world and found myself skimming through the pages that didn’t have to do with cath’s world. Overall, this story was great to start my summer reading.

My current read is my first John Green book, Paper Towns. I’m only a few chapters in, but so far within the first pages I was hooked. I heard that this book will be coming out as a movie, sometime this year. I’m excited that I’m ahead,unlike with Maze Runner, I watched the movie before reading the book, confession.


That is all for now, but I will let you all know what I think of my first John Green novel, very soon.

Until Next Time,



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